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Atlas Mountains

A trekking in the Atlas Mountains give you an unforgettable nature experience – close but even then far away from the bustling life in the cities. You meet local people in the small settlements and villages, and you can have a fantastic trekking with mules and mulees in this beautiful and wild area. And maybe you get to the top of the powerful Jbel Toubkal, 4.167 moh. And all this is just a couple of hours from Marrakech.

Hiking Jbel Toubkal in High Atlas
Hiking Jbel Toubkal in High Atlas

From Marrakech
4 days

A spectacular trekking on the way to Jbel Toubkal, and beyond the fantastic trekking you will experience the green and also rough mountains and deep valleys, waterfalls and small Berber settlements.

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Atlas Mountains
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