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The country Morocco

The country Morocco is a monarchy with more than 40 million habitants. The capital is Rabat and Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco with more than 5 million habitants. Morocco are being visited by a huge number of tourists from all the world - mainly because of the good climate and fantastic and various nature.

Morocco's location in the north of Africa with boarder to Spain and The Mediterranean Sea in the North give easy access to the country. With the Atlantic Ocean as a western boarder Morocco has a long coastline that satisfies tourists coming for swimming, surfing or just take the sun on the beach.

When traveling in Morocco you will experience a country with big cities, small Berber villages, the Atlas Mountains with Jbel Toubkal as the highest peak, green valleys with oasis and palm.

You will also get the opportunity to visit a number of UNESCOS’s Heritage Sites around the country, and visit the fishing ports, surfer’s paradises and beaches at The Atlantic Ocean and The Mediterranean Sea.

In the Sahara desert you will have an adventure living like a nomad with cameltrekking and sandboarding in the high dunes. And you will also get more familiar with the nomad people living here.

Magical and colorful Marrakech gives you an exotic 1001 night city life – close to both inside country and the coast.
And not to forget the hospital and open minded habitants all over of Morocco and the high respected Moroccan Cuisine.

Everything is suitable for a wonderful journey in Morocco

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The country Morocco
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