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offers tailormade trips for our travelers

Zbartravel offers tailormade trips for our travelers - families, companies and friends - travelers in all ages. We search quality, and want you all to have a unique experience.

When travelling with Zbartravel you will discover the big cities in Morocco – from north to south and from coast to desert. The life at the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, trips inside the country with green valleys, small Berber villages and settlements, and trekking in Atlas – also to Jbel Toubkal. You can have an unforgettable adventure in the Sahara desert with cameltrekking in the high dunes, the fantastic sunset over the desert – and thousands of sparkling stars at night. And not to forget – Sandboarding at the high dunes - an activity Zbartravel were the first to introduce in this areas.

Zbartravel is a Moroccan-Norwegian tour operator founded by Ahmed Hajja, born in Moroccan Sahara, in cooperation with Magnhild Ulvin Khouily from Norway.
Ahmed Hajja has long experience working for an American travel agency before he more than 10 years ago decided to found his own business with his Norwegian partner. Magnhild Ulvin Khouily has partly lived in Morocco the last years and has long experience as organizing and administrating the business in Morocco. She is also passionate traveler in Morocco - always searching for new places.

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