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Is it safe to travel in Morocco?
Generally the answer is YES. Morocco is still one of the most stable countries in this region. We always recommend our travelers to follow your countries travel advice before travel to Morocco – like it is with all other countries.

Is it safe to travel as a single woman?
Normally there is no problem traveling single. But it important to be aware that western women attracts more attention than they are used to from their western countries.
A good advice is to be friendly repellent and not to affect if you are spoken to by a stranger. And don’t walk around in tiny, dark streets after sunset

When i travel inside the country with Zbartravel – do I meet other travelers?
All our trips are individual make and this means that the trip you book is exclusive for you. You always meet other travelers on the journey, also in Sahara.

What are the prices in Morocco?
The prices are depending of the quality – like in the western world. You can buy very cheap and very expensive – maybe too expensive. And in Morocco they have tradition for haggle, so if the prices is not fixed you need to try a new “sport” – haggle. And you will maybe get the price you want to pay. But not to forget - compared to prices in the western world almost everything is cheap.

When we travel with Zbartravel – how are we lodged?

It depends on what we have agreed.
In general we use good recommended Riad or hotels – and the price depends of what kind of trip we have agreed. In the desert you sleep in nomadtent with beds.

Do I need Visa or Travel Insurance?
Tourists from some countries need Visa – take contact with your local authorities.
We recommend that you have Travel Insurance – accident or illness can happens everywhere.
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